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I put up a poster of the Agreements outside my office and allowed people to notice and ask questions in their own space and time. I worked with one Agreement at a time, watching myself transform as I related to my colleagues in a different way. – Dan L., Director of Systems and Development, Fortune 100 Company

I mounted the poster of the Agreements in an unusual place – on the ceiling above my bed! I now see them first thing every morning and last thing every night, reminding me of the tools I have for creating freedom and joy in my life.– Bonnie B., Social Entrepreneur

I keep a poster of the Agreements in my office as a reminder of what is available to me every day and when people look at them and ask, “What are those, Dan?” I say, “Well, I am so glad you asked. Got a few minutes?”– Dan B., International Business Consultant

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– Marian & Glenn Head