Do you love to share transformational tools
that make a difference in your own life?

Are you ready to make an even bigger impact on the world?

Become a Certified Revolutionary Agreements Coach ​​​​(CRAC) and CRAC the code to a positive future!

"Revolutionary Agreements is an inspiring set of techniques to facilitate true peace in personal relationships."

Gandhi Peace Award Winner & Former Congressman, Dennis Kucinich

What Certified Revolutionary Agreements Coaches are saying…

"Leading a Revolutionary Agreements program is transformative — for me and my students. What a way to make a huge difference in people’s lives, and to create more peace in the world!"

Darlis Mayes, Therapist, Substance Abuse Interventionist, and Transformational Coach, Heaven Sent LLC

"This practice is so profoundly powerful in its simplicity that I am declaring the Revolutionary Agreements as the Constitution for my business, which is to support people in living their missions."

Mark Porteous, Business Coach and Founder, Inspired Messengers Network

"Presenting a Revolutionary Agreements program is an empowering experience of connection and inspiration. It is extremely fulfilling to see participants transform as they engage with the Agreements."

Noel Marshall, PhD & Bob Warner, Transformational Event Organizers and Facilitators

Here’s What You Get:

The best four months of your life (so far)!  

From the minute you engage with me and your small group of peers in this 14-week, online, interactive Certification Program, you’ll experience the transformative power of love in action.

The Revolutionary Agreements are the foundation for extraordinary success in every aspect of my life, from my global multi-million$ wellness business to stellar relationships with my family (even those with whom I disagree!). It is my calling to share these Agreements with you so that you, too, can experience the highest levels of inner peace, freedom, and joy — and then use your awareness and skills to share them with others. Together, we can make a positive impact in our world that is simply revolutionary!

A lifetime of support from your peers and me. 

The growing community of graduates supports one another to realize our dreams and make our unique contributions with greater ease and joy. Your success is our success.

As a graduate and member of Agreements Institute, you are invited into our virtual living room each month to learn and celebrate how you and your peers are applying the Revolutionary Agreements to enhance your chosen work and lives. I love collaborating with my graduates on ways to support you in fulfilling your highest calling.

Exclusive access to professional resources that support your own fee-based programs.

As a member of Agreements Institute, you have unlimited access to our membership site with fully-scripted Facilitator’s Guides for each of the twelve Agreements, forty experiential activities to offer your clients and communities, and support materials including videos, music, and PowerPoint slides. These resources are invaluable for reinforcing and enhancing your own unique offerings.

You will be added to a public directory of Certified Revolutionary Agreements Coaches.

This will provide easy access for potential clients to find you.

The International Coach Federation wants to give you 34 Continuing Education Credits! 

Credentialed coaches who attend this ICF-approved program are guaranteed that 34 hours will be accepted toward the renewal requirements of an ICF Credential.

My Promise to You:

  • Personal Growth. Experience greater freedom, joy and inner peace.
  • Transformed Relationships. Your relationships will be enriched in every aspect of your life.
  • You will be equipped with the skills, tools, and awareness to use the Revolutionary Agreements to support your clients’ and communities’ success. Your in-depth experience with the Revolutionary Agreements, coupled with a step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide, will give you the proficiency to guide others to enrich their relationships, attain greater inner peace, and enjoy successful, thriving lives.

Ready to become a Certified Revolutionary Agreements Coach today?

Your Steps to Certification:

Enrollment is available to experienced coaches, trainers, and facilitators. 
  1. 1. Complete Registration Form (Including reading/accepting Code of Ethics and Licensing Agreement).
  2. 2. Select payment option.
  3. 3. Enter the 15-week program and fulfill the Certification Requirements.
  4. 4. Complete a successful practicum. Initiate your first fee-based Revolutionary Agreements Program within 3 months after the 15-week certification program. You will earn back part or all of your investment in your Certification Program before you are even certified!

Tuition Includes:

1st Year of Licensing and Agreements Institute Membership ($297 value), which includes web access to the latest resources for facilitating the Revolutionary Agreements program for your clients, monthly peer roundtable to support your success, online listing for your business, and more!

14 weekly classes to prepare you to deliver a transformational program to your clients, including:

  • SESSION 1: Live My Mission
    Identify the essence of your mission and learn how to live your mission daily.
  • SESSION 2: Speak My Truth, With Compassion
    Be able to speak your truth more often with compassion than drama.
  • SESSION 3: Look Within When I React
    Transform your negative reactions to others’ behavior into greater self-awareness.
  • SESSION 4: Keep Doing What Works and Change What Doesn’t
    Lay the track to change at least one thing not working in your life.
  • SESSION 5: Listen With My Heart
    Notice if you begin to compare, analyze, or judge the speaker and shift focus to listen fully to hear him or her.
  • SESSION 6: Respect Our Differences
    Transform negative thoughts about someone’s behavior into positive thoughts.
  • SESSION 7: Resolve Conflicts Directly
    More easily initiate conflict resolution directly with the people involved.
  • SESSION 8: Honor Our Choices
    Learn to move forward regardless of negative outcomes of past decisions.
  • SESSION 9: Give and Receive Thanks
    Practice the skills to give and receive appreciation fully.
  • SESSION 10: See the Best in Myself and Others
    Enrich your relationships — without having to involve any others.
  • SESSION 11: Look for Blessings in Disguise
    More readily see the silver lining behind dark clouds in your life.
  • SESSION 12: Lighten Up!
    Explore presence and laughter as two ways to lighten up — and have a good time while doing it!

It’s important to me that this is affordable for everyone who wants to enrich their relationships, their impact, and their income.

Your practicum is designed to reward you financially, giving you an early return on your investment in this certification program.

I’m not just certifying you; I’m giving you a lifelong tool.

It is my honor to be your guide, to support you all the way, so I’m offering this entire package to you for only…


Pay In Full and Receive This Bonus:

Three 45-minute private coaching sessions with Marian Head, award-winning author and 30+ year steward of Revolutionary Agreements. 

Or Choose the payment plan!

Still Not Sure? No Worries.
Our Program Comes With A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Register right now, and if our program does not live up to your expectations in the first 30 DAYS, let me know and I’ll give back every penny to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.  We also offer a 6-payment program to make Certified Revolutionary Agreements Coaching (CRAC) affordable for everyone.

The Revolutionary Agreements are Transforming Businesses and Personal Relationships Around the Globe.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you more than 30 years of experience in enriching relationships with my clients, business partners, and family members – and being you're  personal guide to helping others to do the same.  

If you’re ready for a powerful metamorphosis to take place in your life, and enrich the lives of your clients and communities, then I invite you to become a Certified Revolutionary Agreements Coach (CRAC) and CRAC the code to a positive future!  

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