Do you experience inner peace, even during stressful times?

Are you a model for exceptional relationships at home and work — or would you like to be?

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Do you love watching people transform in front of your eyes – and enjoy contributing to their transformation? 

If yes, discover how becoming a Certified Revolutionary Agreements Coach can support you — and those you serve — in experiencing:

Ever-greater inner peace

Extraordinarily vibrant relationships, and the

Fulfillment of your unique contributions to the world.

Agreements Institute offers an ICF-Accredited Certification Program 
for Transformational Leaders, Coaches, Facilitators, Trainers, and Consultants 

who know the power of having clear agreements based on one’s highest values.
Thousands have used Revolutionary Agreements
to enrich their relationships from the boardroom to the bedroom, 
and to promote greater inner peace, especially during stressful times.
Add this transformational tool to your toolkit 
to reinforce and enhance your own offerings,
and enjoy your own personal expansion in the process.

What graduates are saying …


 Darlis Mayes 

 Therapist, Substance Abuse Interventionist, and Transformational Coach, Heaven Sent LLC 


Leading a Revolutionary Agreements program is transformative — for me and my students. The students have been amazed at the changes occurring in their lives. What a way to make a huge difference in people’s lives, and to create more peace in the world!”


Mark Porteous

Business Coach and Founder, Inspired Messengers Network


I just graduated from Marian’s Revolutionary Agreements facilitator training. This practice is so profoundly powerful in its simplicity that I am declaring the Revolutionary Agreements as the Constitution for my business, which is to support people in living their missions."


Noel Marshall, PhD & Bob Warner

Transformational Event Organizers and Facilitators


Presenting a Revolutionary Agreements program is an empowering experience of connection and inspiration. To see participants transform as they engage with the Agreements is extremely fulfilling."

Mark, The Structure

This program supports me with a structure for ‘being the change I want to see in the world.”

Jenepher, A Framework that Makes it Work

The program has given me a framework to help create a world that works for me and for those around me…”

Carol, The Opportunity for the World

“I saw what could happen when leaders work together in harmony because their values aligned around the Agreements…”

12-week Revolutionary Agreements Programs by graduates are ongoing around the country and online. For upcoming programs, navigate to Coaches/Events.

What coaches are saying …


Psychotherapist, coach, author, "99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Saying 'I Do."


Having lived and worked with these Agreements as a coach and therapist for 30 years, I know that incorporating any one of these Agreements into your life leads to tremendous growth."


High-performance coach and co-author of "Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus: How the New Science of Mindfulness Can Help You Reclaim Your Confidence"


Marian magnificently shows us how to be our best and bring out our best in others. Revolutionary Agreements are invaluable for honest, fulfilling relationships in the workplace and beyond."


Joanne Cohen

Senior Organizational Consultant and Partner, CTAT LLC


I have designed and facilitated corporate team-building, leadership development and stress management workshops for nearly 30 years using the first version of the Revolutionary Agreements developed in 1985.

When these Agreements are practiced diligently, people can be more proactive and less reactive to the daily challenges inside and outside the work environment.  Once we learn to communicate more effectively and manage our stressors, we are able to tap into a vast knowledge that is available to each of us; and we can express that knowing from a more powerful place."

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I put up a poster of the Agreements outside my office and allowed people to notice and ask questions in their own space and time. I worked with one Agreement at a time, watching myself transform as I related to my colleagues in a different way. 
– Coaching Client Dan L., Director of Systems and Development, Fortune 100 Company

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