Results matter.

Below are some experiences that coaches and others have shared:

One of my business clients was concerned about losing productivity at work. At closer look, we discovered that the root of the problem was at home. His insistence that his wife support him by acting in ways he deemed “right” was draining his energy.

I suggested that he use the Agreement “to see the best in myself and others” and requested, “Why don’t you talk with your wife about only what she’s doing right for the next week?” He did so, and the result was nothing less than transformative.

Both his relationship with his wife and his productivity at work experienced a dramatic turnaround.

Laurie Weiss

Psychotherapist, Coach, and Author of "99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Saying 'I Do'"

Incorporating the Agreements into my daily life has freed me in ways I did not think possible. I have changed what doesn’t work. I no longer feel the need to carry and solve others’ problems.

Joe Obregon

Retired Management Consultant

I met with an internal consultant for some coaching. She gave me a copy of Revolutionary Agreements that I read and re-read over the weekend. By Monday I was energized and ready to recommit myself to take on the role of facilitating positive changes within this core organization…

We have been functioning as a cohesive team with our new agreements for seven months now and to say that this core organization has turned itself around would be an understatement. I look back and remember upper management laughing at my one-year goal strategy. Back then, they did not know about the power of using the Agreements.

I can say that I am in love again with my career and assert that the Agreements are the best tools for stress reduction I have ever found.

Dan L.

Director of Systems and Operations, Fortune 100 Company

Practicing these Agreements virtually eliminates negative gossip. And the benefits of more compassionate communication and deeper relationships are deeply gratifying.

The Agreements are the foundation and the reason our community is thriving. If all communities were to adopt or adapt these Agreements – families, neighborhoods, businesses, nations (why not?) – the world would be an even more wonderful place to live.

Gail Davidson

Coach, Women Aging Proud

The gift of twelve wonderful tools called the Revolutionary Agreements has helped me to reassert my life plan, mission, and goals for my physical well-being, work, and life.

Max Lafser

Unity Minister, International Coach and Citizen Diplomat

The Revolutionary Agreements serve as a cornerstone of my life inviting me to live with greater peace, love, joy and integrity.

Kim Zoller

Success Coach

I incorporated the Agreements into my executive retreats. As a result, my programs achieved even greater depth

Amy Foster

Senior Executive Coach

Revolutionary Agreements has become a handbook for integrating my professional and personal life.

Judith Bonfoey

Entrepreneur and Business Coach

We are using the Agreements with success in our personal community of family, core friends and coaching clients, so why not go global? We recognized the simplicity and yet profound nature of these timeless tools as marvelous anchors in a world wrought by separateness and challenges and we set our sights higher and outward to reach a broader community. So now we dedicate an article in each of our monthly newsletters to one agreement and send it out to seed the planet with positive ideas for change.

Bob & Peggy McArthur

Executive and Life Coaches, Family Therapist

The agreements are valuable because they bring so many things into conscious awareness. Through the use of just one agreement, I was able to resolve a conflict with tenants directly, easily and amicably without unnecessarily involving the owners. I realized how often we tell others instead of speaking directly to those with whom we can resolve our issues, and am grateful for this positive experience of putting the Revolutionary Agreements into action.


Retired Real Estate Broker, student in Revolutionary Agreements program

The Revolutionary Agreements book is my bedside companion. Every morning I randomly choose an agreement to focus on, which contributes to my feeling more peaceful, joy-filled and centered throughout my day. Revolutionary Agreements is a lifelong tool.

Lynda Visosky

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Center for Spiritual Living Toronto

I have had the privilege of watching the author live these Agreements and consistently put them into practice through very stressful times in our company’s history. Marian’s leadership, holding fast to the principles of these Agreements, transformed interpersonal and organizational struggles of “I’m right–you’re wrong” into genuine, joyful collaboration, ultimately creating “we” out of “us and them.” I highly recommend Revolutionary Agreements to anyone wanting to improve the productivity of their work and the quality of their lives.

Bill Merlo

Corporate Executive Consultant

The Revolutionary Agreements have changed lives, transformed businesses, and improved communities … it is an idea whose time has come.

Ward Flynn

Author, "Truth Zone: Building the Truthful Organization from the Bottom Up!"

For the last 36 years, my wife and I have set aside one day each week to focus together on those all-important Revolutionary Agreements. Truth, Acceptance, and Gratitude are a really nice way to go through life.
Nat Weeks

Marketing Leader

(R)evolutionary Agreements for New Thought


Since 2005, Revolutionary Agreements have guided members of New Thought communities to enjoy greater inner peace in their lives, strengthen their marriages and parenting at home, be more effective and happier at work, and affect positive change in their communities and world.

Using the book, Revolutionary Agreements, New Thought and progressive congregations have offered programs ranging from seven weeks to year-long; from women’s spirituality groups to spiritual business groups; and from sermons to full-on educational programs for their communities.


Unity Minister Rev. Judi Elia wrote:

For many years I have used the Agreements with CEO’s, church communities, teachers, social workers, students and government workers to build community and improve self-esteem. I have always been amazed at their simplicity and depth. I highly recommend this book for sermons and for church study groups.  


Carol Hoskins from Columbine Unity in Boulder, Colorado wrote:

We were blessed to be one of the first churches to offer a program on the Revolutionary Agreements. To this day, nearly four years after our program, the seeds that were planted continue to produce a bountiful harvest as we enjoy the benefits of speaking our truth, accepting self and others, and expressing gratitude freely. 

Those of us who practice the Agreements daily are able to resolve conflicts more easily and build the kind of relationships that enrich our personal lives and bond the church community. As one of the facilitators of the six-week program, and a long-time practitioner of the Revolutionary Agreements, I highly recommend the program, both for personal growth and for the value it brings to the entire community.

Marian and Glenn Head offered the Revolutionary Agreements as the invited keynote for a 5-day Unity Southeast Region People’s Conference.The day after their interactive opening, they engaged participants in a transformative workshop. One of the conference organizers reflected,

Throughout the event, I heard from participants about the depth of their learning as they explored the Agreements. Some said it was personally transformative. Ministers expressed gratitude for this new tool to bring to their congregations.


Sigrid Farwell, Retired Youth and Family Ministry Director, Unity Church of North Idaho, Coeur d’Alene, wrote:

I introduced my minister to the Revolutionary Agreements. I had been using them in my own life and for teaching topics for a number of years. Reverend Marilyn loved them, and a few weeks later she used them all as the topic of her Sunday talk. As I listened, I was struck by how wonderfully the Agreements highlight Unity principles. Truly, they are perfect for Unity churches to study and celebrate!


Album Cover "Calling of the Divine"

Kristen Hope Justice, former Music Director at Unity of Kennesaw, produced an inspiring 2017 Grammy-submitted album, “Calling of the Divine,” after writing thirteen original songs inspired by the (R)evolutionary Agreements. Click on the album cover to listen to her beautiful voice and inspiring words.

Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL)

Revolutionary Agreements are being used by CSLs across the United States and Canada to provide an organized, heart and thought-centered, practical method for putting Science of Mind principles into action in our everyday lives.

Among the first facilitators of Revolutionary Agreements programs were Bill and Susan Seale, CSL Practitioners from the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living. Bill wrote in the first collaborative Facilitator’s Guide,

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, I look for resources to assist me on my path of healing, prayer, and meditation. When I read Revolutionary Agreements, I knew it must be shared with others: not just in my own spiritual community but also with anyone looking for simple answers for any of life’s everyday challenges.  

In the classroom setting, the Agreements took their own course. Where the students went, the Agreements followed and vice-versa. The transformation was awesome: lightness, joy, and gratitude became theirs.

The language of truth and love are spoken in Revolutionary Agreements. One of the participants in our class said it best: “Science of Mind can be a difficult read for many, however, Marian captured the same truth and put it into plain English.” I agree with this wholeheartedly and I trust you will as well. 


After participating in a two-hour Revolutionary Agreements workshop during CSL Kauai’s annual Sacred Journey,  Reverend Jonathan Zenz, Senior Minister of CSL Toronto, called his experience “transformative.” He urged Marian and Glenn Head to offer a keynote workshop for the Canadian New Thought conference that June.



Here’s what Licensed Spiritual Practitioner Lynda Visosky wrote after that event:

Lynda VisoskyWhat makes 80 people jump up and give a long, standing ovation at the end of a four-hour workshop? Transformation. While they may have thought they were cheering for our inspiring facilitators Marian and Glenn Head, I believe they were cheering because they were exhilarated by the self-discoveries and positive changes they made during the Head’s highly-interactive keynote workshop at the Canadian New Thought Conference. Marian and Glenn and their Revolutionary Agreements made a difference in my life, and in the lives of many others, not just for a day, but for a lifetime.


Reverend James Mellon of CSL’s Global Truth Center, wrote,

Marian Head has beautifully accomplished what so many have tried to do—she brings “action” to the adage “if you change your thinking, you can change your life.” The simple yet exquisite logic of Revolutionary Agreements can and will change your experience of life for the better.

United Church of Christ

Rev. Martie McMane, then Senior Minister of First Congregational UCC Boulder, matched scripture to each Agreement and created a 12-week immersion for her church’s Women’s Spiritual Group. Additionally, she offered the Agreements to her Board during their retreat to consider adopting, and then created twelve Sunday sermons, one on each Agreement.

Subsequently, she wrote and published Living Grace: Spiritual Growth in the Everyday World, a progressive Christian reflection on the Revolutionary Agreements, including four original, transformative reflections on each of the twelve Agreements.

In her book’s introduction, Rev. McMane writes, “If you are a seeker desiring a closer relationship with God, if you are a person of faith longing for a deeper connection with the Spirit … if you just sometimes wish you knew how to make life more meaningful and relationships more fulfilling, my hope is that this book may offer you some spiritual encouragement on the way.”


Since the first edition of Revolutionary Agreements was published in 2005, new thought and progressive congregations have embraced the Agreements. Because ministers, practitioners, and facilitators have requested an opportunity to deepen their own practice and be able to offer greater depth to those whom they serve, the and Revolutionary Agreements Certification Program were born.

As Gandhi Peace Award recipient and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich wrote,

Revolutionary Agreements is a thought provoking and inspiring set of techniques to facilitate true peace in personal relationships.


Indeed, this has been my experience using these Agreements for more than 30 years with my family, friends, business associates, and communities.

Thank you for the opportunity to share these Agreements with you. While my book is a fast read, the (R)evolutionary Agreements are a lifelong practice. May they serve you well in every aspect of your life.


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