Marian and Glenn enjoy providing keynote workshops where participants “pay it forward” by passing on the benefits of what they learn by practicing the Agreements and offering programs in their own communities.

Marian especially enjoys radio, video conferences, teleseminars, and live interviews. A sampling of show host and conference organizer testimonials follow:

Lynda Visosky

– Lynda Visosky
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner


“What makes 80 people jump up and give a long standing ovation at the end of a four-hour workshop? Transformation. While they may have thought they were cheering for our inspiring facilitators Marian and Glenn Head, I believe they were cheering because they were exhilarated by the self-discoveries and positive changes they made during the Head’s highly-interactive keynote workshop at the Canadian New Thought Conference. Marian and Glenn and their Revolutionary Agreements made a difference in my life, and in the lives of many others, not just for a day, but for a lifetime.”

“I invited Marian & Glenn Head to keynote the opening night of our 5-day Unity Southeast People’s Conference, and to provide us with an experiential workshop on the afternoon of the second day. Their keynote was warm, inviting, entertaining and instructive, combining personal stories with exercises that engaged our participants. Throughout the event, I heard from participants about the depth of their learning as they explored the Agreements. Some said it was personally transformative. Ministers expressed gratitude for this new tool to bring to their congregations.

For many years I have used the Agreements with CEO’s, church communities, teachers, social workers, students and government workers to build community and improve self-esteem. I have always been amazed at their simplicity and depth. Marian and Glenn are truly global visionaries and revolutionary leaders who are modeling a new way of being in this world. I highly recommend this book for sermons and for church study groups and I highly recommend Marian and Glenn as presenters and facilitators of large group events.”


– Reverend Judith Elia
Conference Weaver, Unity Southeast People’s Conference


– Allen Cardoza
Answers for the Family Radio Show


“Marian was a complete delight to have as a guest on ‘Answers for the Family.’ Her amazing insight and real-life stories reach deep into the experiences we all struggle with – making our relationships with family, friends and associates successful ones. I personally loved her account of sitting down everyday and writing one thing she appreciated about her husband that transformed their relationship in a matter of a week! I have to ask myself, what would the world be like if we all had the courage to do this in the midst of conflict with others? We need more people like Marian in our world, who will take the time share their unique life-changing inspirations, successes and ‘Revolutionary Agreements’!

“Such a pleasure having you as my guest on A Better World Radio. You are an excellent speaker and listener, and I feel that you enter and dwell in the heart of the matter, the stuff and essence of what facilitates relationships to work and communication to be effective, even glisten. You have a major handle on the lever that makes the world a better place. Thanks again for being a guest and entering enriching and uplifting conversation with me.” 

– Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A.
A Better World Radio & TV


– Jerilyn Morgan
Host, The Magnetic Heart Radio Show, 107.1 WRFN Nashville, TN


“Marian!  What a delightful and insightful guest to have on our show today.  You are a master at keeping very profound truths simple and practical. A lot of the authors, speakers, trainers, coaches I interview can get on a soapbox and forget that we are in a conversation.  You kept a great balance and yet offered up insightful substance.  

We had a lot of positive feedback and we would love to have you on the show to do a series to break down each section of your life-changing book.  Thanks so much for putting these Revolutionary Agreements out into the world.”


Dinah Machado introduces Marian at the Rogue Valley Center for Spiritual Living.

–  Dr. Deb Carlin
Host, The K Factor

“You’re loving and smart and funny and wise and pure good. My audience let me know they loved the episode with a series of notes and calls last night and this morning.  It will be great fun to get you back and have it happen again!”

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