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Revolutionary Agreements (2nd Edition):
A Personal Path to Peace on Ear

Revolutionary Agreements reveals principles tens of thousands have used to create greater inner peace and fulfillment at home and at work. Using real-life stories to illustrate the power of these simple agreements, Marian Head guides individuals and teams to reduce unnecessary drama, transform stressful relationships into joyful ones and gain greater emotional freedom.
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Revolutionary Agreements Bookmark

Revolutionary Agreements reveals principles tens of thousands have used to create greater inner peace and fulfillment at home and at work. Share the Agreements with this 2x8″ bookmark.

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The American Team:
7 Steps to Genuine Teamwork in the White House and Beyond

The American Team was written in 1993, when Glenn and Marian were asked to contribute their Team Agreements to the White House Transition Team for President-Elect Bill Clinton. Applicable for all purpose-driven, high performance teams.


The Suprasexual rEvolution – 2nd Edition
Toward the Birth of a Universal Humanity
by Barbara Marx Hubbard & Marian Head

Mother Nature invented sex to get us to undertake the mighty labor of reproducing ourselves. Now she has conceived a force as great as sex to liberate the vast, dormant potential of the human race.

It is the the drive for self-expression, self-development, and self-actualization. This drive is rising to the surface and bursting forth as a powerful, fundamental movement for positive change in ourselves and our world. We call it the Suprasexual rEvolution.

This second edition offers inspired and inspiring insights that provide a context for joining together at this historic time and cocreating a positive future for all of humanity. 86 pages.


16x20 Frameable Art Poster
Original photography & design by Gregg Lauer

Revolutionary Agreements Posters can be seen in reception rooms, health care treatment rooms, corporation hallways and inner offices, dining and living rooms. Display a framed copy of the Revolutionary Agreements where it will inspire you every day.

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Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage

Gratitude Journal for a Healthy Marriage is a both a love story and practical guide for men and women to create and maintain healthy relationships. Marian Head shares her journey to rejuvenate her marriage through the simple act of writing a daily gratitude to her husband, Glenn. The powerful core of the book is handwritten pages from her journal during the year she chose to focus on what she liked about her husband, rather than what she didn’t like.

Authentic. Intimate. Life-affirming. The “secret sauce.” A deep look into the love-glue of relationships through the expression of gratitude in every simple interaction. This beautifully delivered gift provides a perfect mirror for my relationship with my beloved – and an invitation to shine even more light onto that blessing. It is also an expression of self-love that is the foundational element of relationship love. —Bob Warner, retired Aviation Assoc. Management

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Living Grace:
Spiritual Growth in the Everyday World

Living Grace, by Rev. Martie McMane, offers practical help for those who want to grow spiritually and lead positive, effective lives. Like having your own spiritual director, Living Grace guides you to a clearer understanding of your motivations, actions, and reactions, helping you experience ever-greater love and joy in all aspects of life.

The author presents twelve personal covenants (based on the Revolutionary Agreements) that can lead to a more fulfilling and grace-filled life. Sharing the wisdom of Jesus, passages from the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, and compelling stories, she leads the reader on a path of spiritual discovery and transformation. She offers four beautiful reflections after each Agreement, inviting the reader to engage in journaling, self-reflection, meditation, prayer, and scripture reading.

With tenderness and humor, she gently ushers the reader into a palpable understanding of how the grace of God is available for everyday living. Suitable for individual or group use, Living Grace is an accessible and powerful book of inspiration and spiritual encouragement.

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