A (R)evolutionary Experience: ONE STEP to Great Relationships at Home, at Work, and in the World!

Enjoy the replay of this powerful online (R)evolutionary Experience. Enter at the beginning for introductions and background, or start play at 9 minutes 50 seconds. Wrap up in about 40 minutes or stay for a “behind-the-scenes” sneak peek of the Member Site.

ONE STEP to Great Relationships
Table of Contents for Video Replay

  • 0:14   Mark -    Welcome, Introduction to Marian and the Event
    4:37   Marian - Background of Revolutionary Agreements
    6:20   Mark –    Agenda for Event & Intended Outcome
    7:12   Marian & Mark About Using Zoom
    8:08   Mark –     Invite to Explore Certification after Event
    9:50   Marian – Overview of the 3 “Pillars of a Good Life” & Intro to Truth Agreements
    18:57 Marian – Intro to Acceptance Agreements
    24:06 Marian – Intro to Gratitude Agreements
    29:34 Marian   Engages participants in activities that illuminate the ONE STEP to Great Relationships at Home, at Work, and in the World
    49:05    Wrap up with Gratitude
    54:35    Marian takes those who are interested on the “behind-the-scenes” tour of Member Site
    1:14:10 How to learn more about the 14-week Certification Program & shorter programs offered by graduates

REVEALED: Agreements to Highly Effective Transformation

Discover how Agreements with yourself can support you -- and those you serve - in living your life in Truth, Acceptance, and Gratitude, resulting in: 

Ever-greater inner peace

Extraordinarily vibrant relationships, and the

Fulfillment of your unique contributions to the world.

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